HS Choice Closed (2)

What is high school choice?

It is the philosophy of the Vail School District to provide families with a choice in the high school that their student attends. The Vail School District has created six unique high schools for our families living within the school district boundary to choose from. Through this process, families will have the opportunity to learn more about each of the high schools and choose the school that provides the programs, courses, and activities that best meets the interests and needs of their student.

Families will submit their HS school choice rankings throughout the month of February. Submissions can be input and changed multiple times while the portal is open. All choices made by the end of the month are treated equally, this process is not first come first served. Families will need their parent PowerSchool login and password to access the school choice portal. If you are experiencing sign in issues, please visit https://ps.vail.k12.az.us/public/ to recover your password and/or contact your child’s middle school for assistance. All families will be notified of the results by 5pm on Friday, March 12th, 2021.

Any family who resides in the Vail School District boundaries, but did not send their 8th grade student to a Vail school, should reach out to Pam Scanlon at 520-879-3982 or schoolchoice@vailschooldistrict.org to make their choices.

All out of district families that would like to apply for Open Enrollment can fill out an application at vailschooldistrict.org by March 1st.

Your High School Choices in Vail

Front of Andrada

Andrada Polytechnic

12960 S Houghton Road
Principal: Julia Kaiser
Enrollment: 750-850 Students

CHS Front


12775 E Mary Ann Cleveland
Principal: Kim Middleton
Enrollment: 2025-2075 students



10701 E Mary Ann Cleveland Way
Principal: Matt Donaldson
Enrollment: 825-875 students


Mica Mountain

10800 E Valencia Road
Principal: Nemer Hassey
Enrollment: 950 students


Vail Academy

7762 E Science Park Drive
Principal: Dennis Barger
Enrollment (HS): 130-180 students


Vail Innovation Center

10775 E Mary Ann Cleveland Way
Coordinator: Rachel Tankersley
Enrollment (HS): 125-150 students

Which school would you like to check out next?




Mica Mountain

Vail Academy

Vail Innovation

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